3D Isometric Sokoban [FW] (2005)(Loren Blaney) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Advanced Rogue v5.8 (2005)(Nicholas J. Kisseberth) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

AhiBombers v1.0b (2005)(Pc72) [Action, Strategy].zip

Angband v3.0.6 (2005)(Robert Ruhlmann) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Angband v3.0.6 [a1] (2005)(Robert Ruhlmann) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Astral Worlds (2005)(Kevin D.A.G., Lachie Dazdarian) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

BOX4 v4.0 (2005)(FISOFT) [Action, Puzzle].zip

Barrack [FW] (2005)(Andrew Anderson) [Action].zip

Big Burger v0.1 (2005)(Jace Masula) [Strategy].zip

Bio Menace- Episode One to Three v1.1 [FW] (2005)(Apogee Software, Ltd.) [Compilation].zip

Blastocyst [FW] (2005)(Ben Hanke) [Action].zip

Blastocyst [FW][a1] (2005)(Ben Hanke) [Action].zip

Blubber Dragon v2.04 (2005)(Draco RedScale) [Action].zip

Bomberogue (2005)(Jakub Debski) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Bowling v1.4.23 (2005)(John Kreitlow) [Action, Sports].zip

C-Master (2005)(Tim Carlisle) [Action].zip

Capt'n Squiddy's Bootleg PUSH-PUSH (2005)(Hamster Republic Productions) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Car Racing (2005)(QBDude) [Action, Racing - Driving].zip

Char (2005)(LightSword Software) [Action].zip

Crosso (De) (2005)(Motelsoft) [Strategy].zip

Da-Game [FW] (2005)(Vlasec) [Action].zip

Deranged Wizard's Castle v1.1 [FW] (2005)(John N. Engelmann) [Adventure].zip

Detective v2.1 and School Busters v3.0 (2005)(Jeffrey Quenter) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction, Compilation].zip

Doom, The Roguelike v.0.9.5 (beta) (2005)(Kornel Kisielewicz) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Eliza v3.0 (2005)(William W. Sindel) [Simulation].zip

Escape From The ASCII Trolls (2005)(Matthew Barnes) [Adventure].zip

Evil Baron Lachie and the Amazing Marcos Kasomba (2005)(Lachie Dazdarian) [Action].zip

Evilstein II- De Wraak van Bosma (Nl) (2005)(Oswald de Bruin) [Interactive Fiction].zip

F-Tetris v1.54 [FW] (2005)(Mateusz Viste) [Strategy, Action].zip

GORILLAS- The Deluxe Edition v2.1 (2005)(Daniel Beardsmore) [Strategy].zip

Game of Life, The (2005)(Stephen G. Giannoni) [Simulation].zip

Game of Life, The v1.6 (2005)(LDC Soft) [Simulation].zip

Great Machine, The (2005)(Jonas Kyratzes) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Hamurabi (2005)(Anonymous) [Simulation, Strategy].zip

Hamurabi [a1] (2005)(Anonymous) [Simulation, Strategy].zip

Hangman [FW] (2005)(Mateusz Viste) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Hangman v1.01 [FW] (2005)(Mateusz Viste) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Hangman v1.02 [FW] (2005)(Mateusz Viste) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Hangman v1.03 [FW] (2005)(Mateusz Viste) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Jesus of Nazareth v1.35 (2005)(Paul Allen Panks) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Kentris v4.3 (2005)(Ken Silverman) [Action, Strategy].zip

Lethal Dimension 2 (2005)(Anima Games) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Lottery Simulation Program (2005)(Damian McLean) [Strategy, Simulation].zip

M-AZN Blackjack (2005)(M-AZN) [Strategy, Cards].zip

Mansion [FW] (2005)(Shawn Kresock) [Action, Strategy].zip

Matey v1.1 [FW] (2005)(Loren Blaney) [Strategy, Chess].zip

Monopoly (2005)(Brian H. Graham) [Strategy].zip

Mytar (Мытарь) (Ru) (2005)(Egor Nikolaevich Mytar) [Strategy, Simulation].zip

Ninja II (2005)(Paul Allen Panks) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Noughts & Crosses v2.9 [FW] (2005)(Fraser King) [Strategy].zip

Pixel Snake Gem Hunt! (2005)(Steven Danglis) [Action].zip

Pixel Snake Gem Hunt! v1.00.01 (2005)(Steven Danglis) [Action].zip

Pong Clone (2005)(bj mccann) [Action].zip

Prince of Persia [tr Es] (2005)(Brøderbund Software, Inc.) [Adventure, Action].zip

Rectong (2005)(Mike Chambers) [Action].zip

Rock 'n' Spin (Installer) [SW] (2005)(Ben Davis) [Strategy, Action].zip

Rogue v3.6.3 (2005)(Nicholas J. Kisseberth) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Rogue v5.2 (2005)(Nicholas J. Kisseberth) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Skydiver (2005)(Jeremy Ruten) [Action].zip

Smaze (Fr) (2005)(Frédéric Meslin) [Action].zip

Smaze v1.2 (2005)(Frédéric Meslin) [Action].zip

Sonic X(Treme) v9d (2005)(Joe Burke) [Action].zip

Space War! ...and the PDP-1 v1.03b (2005)(Paul Allen Panks) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Spy Muliplayer Arena Pack (2005)(Kaboom Code) [Action, Addon].zip

Spy v2.8 (2005)(Kaboom Code) [Action].zip

Stock Trader v2.1 (2005)(Jace Masula) [Strategy, Simulation].zip

StrategQ build 30 (2005)(Mario LaRosa) [Strategy].zip

Super Fighter (Zh) (2005)(Super Fighter Team) [Action].zip

Super Minesweeper (2005)(Philipp Bank) [Strategy].zip

Super-Rogue v9.0 (2005)(Nicholas J. Kisseberth) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Taito's Space Invaders (Remake) (2005)(anarky) [Action].zip

Tales of Griffin, The (2005)(BadMrBox) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Tamigotachi + v1.5.6 (2005)(Ray Britton) [Simulation].zip

Tetris 2 [FW] (2005)(Timothy Peters) [Strategy, Action].zip

Tramapolining Gunmen - Turbo Deux (2005)(John Szczepaniak) [Action].zip

Trampoline Gunmen - Quadro (2005)(John Szczepaniak) [Action].zip

Trench Warfare (2005)(thejosh AKA Slyus) [Action].zip

Triblock (2005)(Hamster Republic Productions) [Action].zip

Tron Clon v.103 (2005)(Mundo Fuentes) [Action].zip

Udoiana Raunes 3 - In Search for Indiana Jones 4 (2005)(Stefan Zwanzger, Thomas Wagner) [Adventure].zip

Virtual Pet (2005)(Ray Britton) [Simulation].zip

Wandering Hamster O.H.R.RPG.C.E Demo (2005)(Hamster Republic Productions) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Wanton Destruction v1.2 (2005)(3D Realms Entertainment, Inc.) [Action, Addon].zip

Warrior v1.10a (De) (2005)(Manuel Kammermeier) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Word Whiz v3.0 [FW] (2005)(Apogee Software Productions) [Educational, Trivia].zip

World Tournament 2 (2005)(Danny Hause) [Action].zip

XRogue v8.0.3 (2005)(Nicholas J. Kisseberth) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

ZAngband v2.7.5pre1 (2005)(Ben Harrison) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Zelda Classic v2.1.0 (2005)(Armageddon Games) [Action, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Zodiac Battles v4.0 (2005)(Paulunknown) [Strategy].zip

mindgames DOS Collection [FW] (2005)(Ihsan Ul Haque) [Strategy, Puzzle, Compilation].zip