2nd Battlemaster War (2000)(Daniel Eriksson) [Strategy].zip

2x2 (Pl) (2000)(Ajt Soft) [Educational].zip

3D Jack's Game vFB.7 (2000)(Dr. Jacques Mallah) [Action].zip

3D Missile v1.0.2 (2000)(Aaron Alderman) [Strategy].zip

4 Gewinnt (De) (2000)(Philipp Claves) [Strategy].zip

5X (2000)(Speem Clinkenpeel) [Strategy].zip

64 (Es) (2000)(Jarel) [Strategy].zip

7th Heaven (2000)(ALBIsoft) [Action].zip

905 v1.01 (2000)(Adam Cadre) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

A4 Racer v0.1 (2000)(IJskast) [Action, Racing - Driving].zip

Abadia del Crimen, La Remake (Es) (2000)(Opera Soft S.A., Antonio Giner Gonzalez) [Adventure].zip

Acalypha v0.7r3 [FW] (2000)(Toni Svenström) [Action, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Aces Over Cassovia 2048B (2000)(7 Gods) [Action].zip

Ad Verbum r11 (2000)(Nick Montfort) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Ad Verbum r4 (2000)(Nick Montfort) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Alien Invasion [FW] (2000)(Jimmy Hendrix) [Action].zip

Alien Terror v1.2 (2000)(BINARYmagic) [Action].zip

Alien Terror v1.3 (2000)(BINARYmagic) [Action].zip

Alla Ricerca del piccolo David (It) (2000)(Jois, Virus) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

AllegroHack v2.01 (2000)(Kelly Youngblood) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Alternate Logic Puzzles (2000)(Alternate Reality Software) [Strategy, Compilation].zip

Anaconda (2000)(BINARYmagic) [Action].zip

Ant Attack PC [FW] (2000)(Tyrone L Cartwright) [Action].zip

Aquanoid v1.52 [SWR] (2000)(Stefan Heineke) [Action].zip

Arrakis v1.13 (2000)(Stefan Hendriks) [Strategy].zip

Arrakis v1.13 [a1] (2000)(Stefan Hendriks) [Strategy].zip

Arthur Yahtzee- The Curse of Hell's Cheesecake (2000)(Ben Croshaw) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Assembly Invaders (2000)(Axel Lindholm) [Action].zip

Astro Trance v0.65b (2000)(Jason Earl) [Action].zip

Ata - Extracts from the American Civil War (2000)(Badgers) [Strategy].zip

Attack of the Blobeteers vB3 (2000)(Nielsonkid) [Action].zip

Aventura del Castillo del Vampiro (Es) (2000)(Anonymous) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Bagels (2000)(Bob Sorem) [Strategy].zip

Bakuen Sakuru (2000)(Hyper Anime Studios) [Action].zip

Balls (2000)(Peter Swinkels) [Action].zip

Barney Hunter v1.5 (2000)(Psyk Software) [Action].zip

Beez v1.10 [FW] (2000)(Deep Connection) [Action].zip

Betris v0.6 (2000)(Mike Beight) [Action, Strategy].zip

Biblioteca, La (Es) (2000)(Jarel) [Strategy].zip

Big Gijs (Nl) (2000)(Oswald de Bruin) [Adventure].zip

Big Guns v3.3 (2000)(Don Christie) [Action, Simulation].zip

Biliardo v1.1 (It)(En) (2000)(Marco Chiesi) [Sports, Simulation].zip

Biliardo v1.2 (It)(En) (2000)(Marco Chiesi) [Sports, Simulation].zip

Black Hole (2000)(Terry Cavanagh) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Blip (2000)(Brenton Atkins) [Action, Strategy].zip

BlobbyDash (2000)(DessySoft) [Action].zip

Bloody Medieval vD2B1 (2000)(Jo & Co Software) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Blue Grungies (2000)(WayneSoft) [Action].zip

Boarding (2000)(Chaos Media) [Action].zip

Boarding [a1] (2000)(Chaos Media) [Action].zip

Bomber (Ru) (2000)(Alexandr Bushenkov) [Action].zip

Bomber v1.4 (Ru) (2000)(Zverik) [Action].zip

BomberZone v1.1 (2000)(Future Software & Badjas Productions) [Action].zip

BomberZone v1.1 [a1] (2000)(Future Software & Badjas Productions) [Action].zip

Boulder (2000)(NOP) [Action, Strategy].zip

Boulder Dash (2000)(Taquart) [Strategy, Action].zip

Boulder Dash 2000 (2000)(Petr Simon) [Action].zip

Bouncing Comet v2 (2000)(Dan Eriksson) [Action].zip

Bound v0.1 (2000)(Jessac Mathias Baird) [Strategy].zip

Bounty Fighter v0.69 (2000)(William Shirley) [Action].zip

Brutal- Paws of Fury Remix [FW] (2000)(Elecbyte) [Action].zip

Can't Stop (2000)(G. C. Grawshay) [Strategy].zip

Candle in the Dark, A v1.42 [FW] (2000)(Bright & Psycho Software Inc.) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Carrace 3201 (2000)(Daniel Eriksson) [Action, Racing - Driving].zip

Case 3-16 (2000)(MDickie) [Action, Fighting].zip

Cataclysm's Eve vD1 (2000)(Digital Paradox Software) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Cataclysm's Eve vD1 (Installer) (2000)(Digital Paradox Software) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Cavemaze 3D [SW] (2000)(Acord Games) [Action].zip

Caves of Poseidia (2000)(Dieter Marfurt) [Simulation].zip

Cesto (2000)(James Dibble) [Action].zip

Chess (2000)(Craig Parmer) [Strategy, Chess].zip

Chess32k v0.85 (De) (2000)(ByTeGeiZ) [Strategy].zip

ChessFiz v0.16 (De) (2000)(Andreas Herrmann) [Strategy, Chess].zip

Chicken Jockey [f1] (2000)(Hafiz Kassam) [Strategy].zip

Chickens 3 v1.07 (demo) (2000)(Brainchild Design) [Action].zip

Chico and I Ran (2000)(Jim D. Berry) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Chorweiler Shooting v1.1 (De) (2000)(Barsch-Soft) [Action].zip

Ciclis (Es) (2000)(ZaSoft) [Sports, Simulation].zip

Ciclis (demo) (Es) (2000)(ZaSoft) [Sports, Simulation].zip

Commander Pang v1.1 (2000)(Thomas & Leandro Productions) [Action].zip

Connect Intelligence [FW] (2000)(SINGsong) [Strategy].zip

Continuing Adventures of CyberBox, The v7.54 [SW] (2000)(Edward D. Collins) [Strategy].zip

Cookiator (demo) (2000)(Dieter Marfurt) [Action].zip

Cosmic 2 (2000)(RAM Inc.) [Action].zip

Crappy Space Invaders (2000)(Mike Brown) [Action].zip

Cribbage (2000)(Bob Sorem) [Strategy].zip

Crystal Stacker v1.1 (2000)(T^3 Software) [Strategy].zip

Cyber Chick (2000)(James Robert Osborne) [Action].zip

Cyberion (2000)(Lutasarts) [Action].zip

Day of the PIdiot (2000)(Johan De Ruiter) [Adventure].zip

Defuser - The Adventures of HappyFace the LardJar (2000)(Terry Cavanagh) [Action].zip

Deluxe Ski Jump v1.502 [SWR] (2000)(Jussi Koskela) [Action].zip

Desperabis - Erweiterte Version (De) (2000)(Florian Born) [Action, Adventure].zip

Digger Remastered (2000)(Andrew Jenner) [Action].zip

Dirt v3.2cb (2000)(Adam Kewley) [Strategy].zip

Djinni Chronicles, The r2 (2000)(Jim D. Berry) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Domain Country - The Game (2000)(David Kinney) [Strategy].zip

Down Blocks (2000)(Paul Edward Layfield) [Action, Strategy].zip

Dracula Avontuur v3.22 (Nl) (2000)(Incore Automatisering) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Dragonball Z - Millennium (2000)(Anonymous) [Action].zip

Ducks v1.21 [FW] (2000)(Hungry Software, Tim Furnish) [Strategy].zip

Duke Nukem Doom v3.0 (Installer) (2000)(Doug Kavendek) [Action].zip

Dynamic - The Colonization of Jupiter (2000)(Sasha Vukelich) [Action].zip

Dynamic v1.3b (2000)(Sasha Vukelich) [Action].zip

EGGermon v1.1 [FW] (2000)(Fantasy Works) [Action].zip

Eamon v2.93 (2000)(John Nelson) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Eblany piloty, bomby, samolyoty! (Ебланы пилоты, бомбы, самолёты!) v1.2 (2000)(The Great Inquisitor & The Cat) [Action].zip

El secreto de Castronegro vG3.30 (Es) (2000)(Javier San Jose) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction, Editor].zip

Elite Forces (2000)(Stefan Hendriks) [Action].zip

En la Cima del Buho Maldito (Es) (2000)(CAAD) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

En la Sima del Buho Malditol (Es) (2000)(Jarel) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Enchanted Castle r3 [SW] (2000)(Michael R. Wilk) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Entierro, El v1.7 (Es) (2000)(AventuraST) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Escape from Atlantis (2000)(Thomas Ally) [Adventure].zip

F.R. David - Words (De) (2000)(Barsch-Soft) [Strategy, Educational].zip

Farao v2.6 (Nl) (2000)(chaozz games) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Farao v2.6 (Nl) [a1] (2000)(chaozz games) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Fat Sow (2000)(MDickie) [Action].zip

Fibs & Brags in Outer Space! (2000)(Pastor Arts) [Action, Adventure].zip

Final Round (2000)(Nathan A. Sweet) [Action].zip

Flea Wars 2 (2000)(Vral) [Action].zip

Floyd SB the Company Man (2000)(Stephen R. Owens) [Adventure].zip

Fly Catcher 2000 (2000)(Dimension Interactive) [Action].zip

FoX (2000)(George Gardiner, Steve McAuley) [Action].zip

Forgotten Power 2 - The Restoration, The (2000)(Daniel Eriksson) [Action, Adventure].zip

Four In A Row (2000)(Philip Perry) [Strategy].zip

Four Islands vD1.6 (2000)(CroWs Softawre) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Free Abuse v2.0 (2000)(fRaBs Team) [Action].zip

Free Lilly! [FW] (2000)(Dieter Caspary) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

FrizHard (2000)(Anonymous) [Action].zip

Future Blocks (2000)(Michael Fogleman) [Strategy, Action].zip

GAIA Craving (demo) (2000)(WOPR 2K) [Action].zip

Gamez (2000)(NeuroLake Software) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Gary Grigsby's Pacific War v3.2 (2000)(Strategic Simulations, Inc.) [Strategy].zip

GemWorld v1.03 [FW] (2000)(William O. Cain) [Adventure, Action].zip

Gewinn mit 4 (De) (2000)(Nicolas Göddel) [Strategy].zip

Giddy 3- The Retro Eggsperience (2000)(Phil Ruston) [Action].zip

Gold Checkers (2000)(Roger Oliveira, Mike Young) [Strategy].zip

Gold Mine (2000)(John Wantland) [Action].zip

Gravity Force v1.02 (En)(De)(Sl) (2000)(Jens Hassler) [Action].zip

Grid Runner 3D - Pacman Returns (2000)(Dark Legends Software) [Action].zip

HacX v1.1 [FW] (2000)(Banjo Software) [Action, Addon].zip

Happyland Adventures - Xmas Edition v1.2 (2000)(Free Lunch Design) [Action, Adventure].zip

Happyland Adventures v1.1 [FW] (2000)(Free Lunch Design) [Action, Adventure].zip

Helicopter Simulator (2000)(R.A.Fryer) [Simulation].zip

Hero Man (2000)(Phat Kids Enterprises) [Action].zip

Holy Crusade (2000)(Mog) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Horse Play (2000)(Bluepoopants) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Hot Chase (2000)(Mahesh R Menon) [Action, Racing - Driving].zip

Hot-Shoot (2000)(Mahesh R Menon) [Action].zip

House of Shadow (2000)(Daniel Eriksson) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Hromis4 (2000)(Jurko) [Strategy].zip

Hunter II- The Entrench Invasion, The v1.03 [FW] (2000)(Santeri Hakoniemi) [Action].zip

Ian's Home Wrecking Challenge (2000)(MDickie) [Action].zip

Indian Commander in Robot Confrontation (2000)(T.S. Karthik) [Action].zip

Infil-Traitor (2000)(Chris Charla) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

InterSports One - Wrestling vs Boxing (2000)(MDicke) [Sports].zip

Invaders 1978 v02 (2000)(James Eibisch) [Action].zip

IronFort (De) (2000)(Nik Ritzmann) [Strategy].zip

Isla de Tokland, La (Es) (2000)(ngel Ros Campillo) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

JDR-Sliders (2000)(Johan De Ruiter) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Jagtris v4.0 (2000)(SoftGun) [SWR] [Action, Strategy].zip

Jagtris v4.0 (2000)(SoftGun) [SW] [Action, Strategy].zip

JiG [FW] (2000)(Jessac Mathias Baird) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Johnny Abbot's Sex Adventures II Part 1 (En)(Es) (2000)(Bulma Produktions) [Adventure, Adult].zip

Johnny Abbot's Sex Adventures II Part 2 (En)(Es) (2000)(Bulma Produktions) [Adventure, Adult].zip

Jumpman Remastered v0.0 (2000)(IBM, Jeff Leyda) [Action].zip

Jumpman Remastered v0.1 (2000)(IBM, Jeff Leyda) [Action].zip

Jumpman Remastered v0.2 (2000)(IBM, Jeff Leyda) [Action].zip

Jumpman Remastered v0.3 (2000)(IBM, Jeff Leyda) [Action].zip

Jumpman Remastered v0.4 (2000)(IBM, Jeff Leyda) [Action].zip

Jumpman Remastered v0.5 (2000)(IBM, Jeff Leyda) [Action].zip

Jumpman Remastered v0.6 (2000)(IBM, Jeff Leyda) [Action].zip

Jumpman Remastered v0.8 (2000)(IBM, Jeff Leyda) [Action].zip

Kamertje Verhuren (Nl) (2000)(Theo Hupkens) [Strategy].zip

Key Hunter 2, The (De) (2000)(Quickware) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Kick Ass Driving (2000)(Vral) [Action, Racing - Driving].zip

Kick Ass Driving (Installer) (2000)(Vral) [Action, Racing - Driving].zip

Kids of Karendow Chapter 1 (2000)(Phat Kids Enterprises) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Killer Rally 2 v2.0 (2000)(Ino Djinn) [Action, Racing - Driving].zip

Killer Rally v1.0bd (2000)(Ino Djinn) [Action, Racing - Driving].zip

Kozulsky Quest (Козульский квест) (Ru) (2000)(Denis Vasilyev) [Adventure].zip

LASH - Local Asynchronous Satellite Hookup (2000)(Paul O'Brian) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

La vuelta ciclista 2000 (Es)(En) (2000)(Hollywood Publishing) [Sports].zip

Lander 2K (2000)(mcarp) [Action].zip

Larry Vales- Traffic Division v2.0 (2000)(Philip J. Reed) [Adventure].zip

Larry Vales- Traffic Division v3.0 (2000)(Philip J. Reed) [Adventure].zip

Larry the Dinosaur (2000)(Delta Code) [Action].zip

Legend of Dragons vD2 (2000)(RelicFS451) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Lights Out (2000)(Team Rocket Productions) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Liquid War 5 v5.3.2 (2000)(U-Foot) [Strategy].zip

Little Pixy 2, The (2000)(TMB Production) [Action].zip

Llaves del Tiempo, Las v1.02 (Es) (2000)(Jarel) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Logic Master (2000)(Aaron Alderman) [Strategy].zip

Lolo in Space v1.5 [FW] (2000)(Ryan Dunn) [Action, Strategy].zip

Lonnie's Labyrinth v1.72 (2000)(Lonnie Hall) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

MULE v0.61 (2000)(imagination) [Action, Strategy].zip

Madmix Game v1.2 [FW] (2000)(Enrique Huerta) [Action].zip

Make Your ADoM vDelta5 (2000)(Igor Savin) [Adventure, Simulation, Strategy].zip

Manpower vB10 (2000)(Vral) [Strategy].zip

MartoX (Es) (2000)(5 Union Software Group) [Action].zip

Master Mind (2000)(Per Ericsson) [Strategy].zip

Math Tic Tac Toe (2000)(Aaron Alderman) [Strategy].zip

Max Rubin (Cz) (2000)(D.Steinwender, Ch.Donninger) [Strategy, Chess].zip

Mensk II (Менск II) v2.71828 (Be) (2000)(MenskBand) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Metro, El (Es) (2000)(Jarel) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Minesweeper Beta 3 Clone (2000)(Frunkenstein) [Strategy].zip

Mini RPG 1 Board Game (2000)(Jaws-V Soft) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Misterio en la Torre (Es) (2000)(CAAD) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Monad (2000)(George Crawshay) [Strategy].zip

Monchr [FW] (2000)(Terry Washington) [Action].zip

Monster Maze (2000)(John Wantland) [Action, Strategy].zip

Monte 2.0 - Special Edition (2000)(HiTech Software) [Strategy].zip

Mousey (2000)(Doug Meyer) [Action].zip

MyMan (2000)(Benjamin Sittler) [Action].zip

Mysterious Song [FW] (2000)(DarkDread, Darkness Ethereal) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Mäkky Cup 2000 (2000)(KukkaSports) [Sports, Simulation].zip

N.A.D.I.E. (Es) (2000)(Andrea di Pietro) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

NFL (2000)(Josh Kitchens) [Sports, Strategy, Simulation].zip

Natedogg's Puzzle Fighter (2000)(Nathan A. Sweet) [Action, Strategy].zip

Natedogg's Stunt Bike Hyper II (2000)(Nathan A. Sweet) [Action].zip

NetHack v3.3.1 (2000)(Stichting Mathematisch, M. Stephenson) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

New Dash Dimension, The v2.31 [FW] (2000)(LogicDeLuxe) [Action, Strategy].zip

Noctis I (2000)(Home Sweet Pixel) [Adventure, Simulation].zip

Nukem's Mad Lib (2000)(Nukem Enterprises) [Simulation].zip

OGF v3.00 (2000)(Nathan A. Sweet) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

One on One Soccer (2000)(funline01) [Sports, Simulation].zip

Operation Spacehog v1.01 [FW] (2000)(Free Lunch Design) [Action].zip

Operation- Alien Rush (2000)(Stolengames) [Action].zip

Order! v0.9b (2000)(Tomer Filiba) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Out 'M Up (2000)(PPPTeam) [Action].zip

Out 'M Up (Final) (2000)(PPPTeam) [Action].zip

Oytkator's Plans (Es)(En) (2000)(Nathan Ashhanti) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

PC Arcadians v1.1 (2000)(The Admiral) [Action].zip

PC Arcadians v1.1 (Installer) (2000)(The Admiral) [Action].zip

PEBWB (demo) (2000)(Corky) [Action].zip

PONG- Battle Royal v1.3 (2000)(Budfish Software) [Action].zip

PONG- Battle Royal v1.7 (2000)(Budfish Software) [Action].zip

Pac-Clone 2 v2.0 [FW] (2000)(Nuno Freire) [Action].zip

Pacdoom II (2000)(STT Games) [Action].zip

Pacman4K (2000)(Olivier Poudade) [Action].zip

Park Fight 2 v1.0b (2000)(Roger Bush) [Action].zip

PebbleDash (2000)(Lutasarts) [Strategy, Action].zip

PebbleDash [a1] (2000)(Lutasarts) [Strategy, Action].zip

Penalty ShootOut 2000 (2000)(SIWare, Inc.) [Sports, Simulation].zip

Percussor (2000)(TMB Productions) [Action].zip

Pinokkio (Nl) (2000)(Theo Hipkens) [Adventure].zip

Pirates 2 (2000)(Marcel Strbak) [Strategy].zip

Plat (2000)(Brad Schwagler) [Action].zip

Pong (2000)(WOPR) [Action].zip

Pong (demo) (2000)(Alexander Toresson) [Action].zip

Pong 4- Arena v1.05G (2000)(Hybernation Software) [Action].zip

Pong IIII (2000)(Nathan A. Sweet) [Action].zip

Pong v2.7 (2000)(LordNick Software) [Action].zip

Portal of Worlds 2 - The Portal of Time (2000)(Daniel Eriksson) [Adventure].zip

Powball v2.05 [FW] (2000)(POW Productions) [Action].zip

PretzelDash v0.3 (2000)(BionFX) [Action].zip

PretzelDash v0.ms2k (2000)(BionFX) [Action].zip

Priklyucheniya bravogo fidoshnika (Приключения бравого фидошника) v2.0 (Ru) (2000)(Pavel Zaikin) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Prishyol, uvidel, zakadril! (Пришёл, увидел, закадрил!) (Ru) (2000)(Elf Dillm) [Adventure, Simulation, Strategy].zip

PromZone (2000)(SV Reanimator) [Action].zip

Puzzle Bomber + (2000)(Hyper Anime Studios) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Pyros' Mobile Miners (2000)(Pyros) [Action].zip

Q-LAT v1.20 (Fi) (2000)(Deep Connection) [Action].zip

Q-Manche (2000)(Dieter Marfurt) [Action, Simulation].zip

Q-Manche (preview) (2000)(Dieter Marfurt) [Action, Simulation].zip

QB Town (2000)(Gopus) [Adventure].zip

QB-Bomberman (2000)(Matti Haapaniemi) [Action].zip

QB-Bounce (2000)(Future Software) [Action].zip

QBasic - The RPG (2000)(Dark Legends Software) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Qahtzee (2000)(Wave Interactive) [Strategy].zip

Qb-Wormy v2 (2000)(Jessac Mathias Baird) [Action].zip

Qoop [FW] (2000)(BlackFog Software) [Action, Strategy].zip

QuadBLOX v2.4 (2000)(Derek Andrews) [Strategy, Action].zip

RA 2 [FW] (2000)(George M. Tzoumas) [Action].zip

Raven- The Yoyo Commando vB1 [FW] (2000)(Vance Velez) [Action].zip

Raven- The Yoyo Commando vB1.01 [FW] (2000)(Vance Velez) [Action].zip

Raven- The Yoyo Commando vB2 [FW] (2000)(Vance Velez) [Action].zip

Realm of the Forgotten (2000)(Daniel Eriksson) [Action, Strategy].zip

Rebel Decade v3.0 (En)(De)(Es)(Fr)(Nl)(Pl) (2000)(Edgard Shröder) [Strategy, Educational, Chess].zip

Remake de La Abadía del Crimen (Es) (2000)(Antonio Giner González) [Adventure].zip

Repton Chaotix (2000)(Simon Foster) [Strategy, Action].zip

Revenger r2 (2000)(Robb Sherwin) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Riders of Rohan Demo (2000)(Jocke The Beast) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Rob Blanc I- Better Days of a Defender of the Universe (2000)(Ben Croshaw) [Adventure].zip

Rob Blanc II- Planet of the Pasteurised Pestilence (2000)(Ben Croshaw) [Adventure].zip

Rob Blanc III- The Temporal Terrorists (2000)(Ben Croshaw) [Adventure].zip

Rockwars 2000 (2000)(Dark Legends Software) [Strategy, Action].zip

Rogelio-like (Es) (2000)(Luis David Arranz Perez) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Rogue v3.6.1 (2000)(Nicholas J. Kisseberth) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Rolling Jack (2000)(Ajt Soft) [Action, Strategy].zip

Roodkapje (Nl) (2000)(Th.M. Hupkens) [Adventure].zip

Roodkapje v2.2a (Nl) (2000)(Th.M. Hupkens) [Adventure].zip

Roomz v3.0 [FW] (2000)(Terry Washington) [Action].zip

Santa's Revenge v1.8 (2000)(Blazze) [Action].zip

Serpents Domain, The vA2b (2000)(Shadow Entertainment) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Shade (2000)(Andrew Plotkin) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Shadow Legend v2.6 (2000)(Dustin Sklavos) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Shakir (Es) (2000)(5 Union Software Group) [Action].zip

ShellShock (2000)(Jeremy Hammond) [Action].zip

Shrapnel v1.01 (2000)(Adam Cadre) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Shuffle (2000)(Jimmy Hendrix) [Action].zip

Siege of Gondor, The - Middle Earth Tale I v2.3 (2000)(Jocke The Beast) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Sim Kosciol v1.1 (Pl) (2000)(Maciej Kiner) [Simulation, Strategy].zip

Sincope (Es) (2000)(Jarel) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Skatey! v1.1 (2000)(Adam B) [Action].zip

SkyRoads Xmas Special [FW] (2000)(Bluemoon Interactive) [Racing - Driving].zip

SkyRoads [FW] (2000)(Bluemoon Interactive) [Racing - Driving].zip

Snake (2000)(Anonymous) [Action].zip

Snake (2000)(Bluepoopants) [Action].zip

Snaky v1.7 (2000)(Anton Knafl) [Action].zip

Soccer Shootout v2.20 (2000)(CHNet Software) [Sports, Simulation].zip

Sonic X(Treme) v5.1d (2000)(Joe Burke) [Action].zip

Sonic X(Treme) v6d (2000)(Joe Burke) [Action].zip

Sonic X(Treme) v7d (2000)(Joe Burke) [Action].zip

Space Conflict 2 (2000)(Jack Thomson) [Action].zip

Space Invaders (2000)(Kevin Williams) [Action].zip

Split 'n Match (2000)(Alan Yap Ching Fatt) [Strategy].zip

Star Command (demo) (2000)(DAQ) [Action].zip

Star Fighter v2.05 (2000)(Latem-Soft) [Action].zip

Star Wars Card Game v1.13 [FW] (2000)(Xcaliber Programming) [Strategy, Cards].zip

Startrek (2000)(Bob Sorem) [Strategy, Simulation].zip

Still Laughing At My Cardigan (2000)(Bev Truter) [Adventure,Interactive Fiction].zip

Sumo Wrestling (2000)(Typosoft) [Action, Sports].zip

Super Stack (2000)(Oren Bartal) [Strategy, Action].zip

SuperDog (2000)(MegaCorky) [Simulation, Strategy].zip

SuperHirn (De) (2000)(Anton Knafl) [Strategy].zip

Swapper v5.54 [FW] (2000)(Sandius) [Strategy].zip

TNM 7 r6 (Installer) (2000)(Oliver Copp) [Simulation, Sports].zip

Tabu - the mask of delphin (2000)(Circe Software) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Taco Bell- Tasty Temple Challenge (2000)(Taco Bell) [Action].zip

Tamagotchi - The Virtual Chicken (De) (2000)(Samy Boulos) [Simulation].zip

Tank Wars! v1.2 (2000)(Antz Entertainment, Andrew Frost) [Strategy].zip

Tank Warz (2000)(WeeBoMasters aka Pawel Klimas) [Action].zip

Tank2 (Installer) (2000)(AS-Freegames) [Action].zip

Tanks II (2000)(Craig Parmer) [Action].zip

Tanks v1.1 [FW] (2000)(William VanderPol, Joshua Nijenhuis) [Action].zip

Terror - Fear the Unknown (2000)(Nukem Enterprises) [Action, Adventure].zip

TetRAM (2000)(Udev) [Action, Strategy].zip

Tetris 3 (2000)(Vral) [Strategy, Action].zip

Tex McPhilip in Quest for the Papacy (2000)(James Dover) [Adventure].zip

That Love Triangle (2000)(MDickie) [Sports].zip

Thumb War (2000)(Wild Bits) [Action].zip

Toadman 2 - Space Shock (2000)(Delta Code) [Action].zip

Toadman v1.6 (2000)(Delta Code) [Action].zip

Torched Earth (2000)(Delta Code, Joe King) [Strategy].zip

Triangle Fighters (2000)(Wild Bits) [Action].zip

Trick Blast v1.3 [FW] (2000)(Mats Westberg) [Action].zip

Turbo Limace (Fr) (2000)(Flëbenkrëben) [Action].zip

Udoiana Raunes v1.1 (2000)(Stefan Zwanzger, Thomas Wagner) [Adventure].zip

Ultimate Driver in the Save ouR Xeny mission, The [FW] (2000)(Jimakos Soft) [Action].zip

Ultimate Super Stack [FW] (2000)(Oren Bartal) [Strategy, Action].zip

Untitled (2000)(FrozenEmu & Tsugumo) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Valgebra v1.1 (En)(Es)(Nl) [SWR] (2000)(Rinze Joustra) [Educational, Strategy].zip

Valgetal v2.4 (Multi-4) [SWR] (2000)(Rinze Joustra) [Educational, Strategy].zip

Vampiric Tower (2000)(Mike Behrens) [Strategy, Puzzle].zip

Video Poker v0.61 (Fi) (2000)(Viktor Rootselainen) [Strategy, Cards].zip

Video Poker v0.61 (Fi) [a1] (2000)(Viktor Rootselainen) [Strategy, Cards].zip

Viking Siege (2000)(EBro Software) [Strategy].zip

Warstrike (De) (2000)(Johannes Schaeffer) [Strategy].zip

Watman (2000)(Jon Ritman & Kakarot) [Action].zip

Westfront PC- The Trials of Guilder v7.95 [FW] (2000)(Paul Allen Panks) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Wicked Dream 1 [SW] (2000)(Acord Games) [Action].zip

Wolfenstein Collection - Level 14 [FW] (2000)(MCS Amsterdam) [Action].zip

Wooden Town (木桶镇) v56.8F (Zh) (2000)(Toyshop Studio) [Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Wry - A Text Based Comedy v0.412 (2000)(Nukem Enterprises, Sim Creations Inc.) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Wry - A Text Based Comedy v1.412 (2000)(Nukem Enterprises, Sim Creations Inc.) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

XBall IV (De) (2000)(Soeren Dressler) [Action].zip

XRogue v8.0.1 (2000)(Ken Dalka, Mike Morgan, Bob Pietkivitch) [Role-Playing (RPG)].zip

Zahlenraten (De) (2000)(Barsch-Soft) [Strategy].zip

Zombi I - Begstvo (Зомби I - Бегство) v1.23 (Ru) [FW] (2000)(Sharov Evgeniy Nikolaevich) [Adventure, Interactive Fiction].zip

Zoom 1 3D [SW] (2000)(Acord Games) [Action].zip

Zoom 1 [SW] (2000)(Acord Games) [Action].zip